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Beyond The Text Book Answers

What is happening? Why are the bees Beehaving differently? such an intriguing introspect. I can only entertain through a spectrum of evolution. How does the concept/theory of micro swarms come about?

In the past few years, the beehaivior of bees has been shifting. in a positive direction would be an appropriate direction. They have shown signs of survivability and multiplication. We all read that the virgin queens kill each other off during the mating season. A phenomenon has been ridding my yard in the past few years that has me changing my swarm prevention habits. When I do swarm inspections, The virgin queens are no longer killing each other off.

I had learned and been taught that bees choose a good queen on their own through the selection process. I quickly learned that I was losing bees in the process. The virgin queens were not killing each other but leaving the hive and taking a percentage of my bees! How?! Queens are supposed to kill each other off, right?? This beehaivior must be a super survival instinct exuding through genetics.

I see swarm cells as an opportunity. The number of queen cells now directly correlates with colony multiplication opportunity. These queens are ready to multiply and reproduce when they want. If anyone else sees and wants to report such behavior change, feel free to do so here! Much appreciated,

The Bee Army

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